Who Are We Writing For?

A symposium exploring the strategies for communicating contemporary art in the public realm

  • Approaching the topic of “Who Are We Writing For?” from an understanding that this will be a perpetual question, the first symposium was held in Huntly, UK, through Deveron Arts in partnership with Amy Fung.

    The aim is not to perform, posture, or proliferate a certain style of discourse; rather, the aim of this invite-only format is to engage in directed writing exercises and peer-led group discussions about the state of contemporary art discourse.

    Please note: There is no intention at the present time to  produce the results of this first event. This is done with the intention that the process of writing is the value in and of itself.

    A second event is currently being planned in conjunction with 221a Gallery’s Curatorial Residencies in Vancouver, Canada in 2013. Please refer to You Are Not Alone (For I Am Here With You) for upcoming information.